“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money”
– Sir M. Visvesvarayya

The founders of Lavoisier Energy come from a wide array of business experience with Ministry of Defence production agencies and particularly with Navy since 1989. Fully conversant with Rocket fuels, we traced its origin in nature—Water! and decided to look no further, easily resolved through this Renewable vital Resource this is our Green Energy Thinking and transforming into empowered Action Plan. During this lifetime of exclusively serving the nation through engineering products and solutions in the field of national security,  dedicated to cutting edge technologies using advanced materials that overcome gravity and corrosion, there are bound to be a lot of realizations as an outcome of the total experience. Some of these realizations are:

  • The product must speak for itself, the engineer need not.
  • The fewer the moving parts, the better
  • Unless the customer is intelligent, and he knows what he wants, there is no hope for any engineering endeavor.
  • Engineering excellence is a team effort, the grouping of this team has to be marketing, process, materials, administration and finance with unflinching mutual respect.
  • True Engineering solutions that which are in synergy with the five eternal elements and their interdependence as realized in the Vedas.

The above realizations may be summed up as the ethos of the promoters of the company.

“But remember this, Japanese boy… airplanes are not tools for war. They are not for making money. Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality.”
  ― Hayao Miyazaki, The Wind Rises