Lavoisier Inverse Alkaline Fuel Cells currently in development are most suited to wide range applications in the three main energy markets where we can guarantee fuel savings and Instant Return on Investment. The types of market Lavoisier initially targets:

  • Stationary
  • Energy Sector
  • Transportation

Xtra-E.P.L. Advantages:

  • 25% Savings on fuel expense
  • Continuous Carbon Cleaning
  • Cooler Quieter Engine
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Clean Exhaust free from Toxic Gases Like Co2
  • Environment Protection
  • Green Energy Participation
  • No Modifications Required
  • No Storage of Gas – Real Time Air Enrichment

Xtra-E.P.L. for Vehicles

  • Suitable for both Diesel and Petrol Cars, We have models for Cars, MUVs, SUVs, LCVs, MCVs, HCVs, Buses, Drilling Jigs, Construction Equipments, Tractors and Marine Equipment & Boats. For Details
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XtraHEAT Custom Solutions

  • Tremendous Cost Saving through Fuel Augmentation for Coal, Diesel, Gas and Oil fired Boilers, Gasification of Biomass, Incinerations and Furnaces. For Details
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Xtra-E.P.L. for Stationary Applications

  • For increased Economy, Power and Engine Life for Diesel Generators ranging from 25Kva to 2.5MW.
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Green Energy is a essentially a strategy using Hydrogen, it is the ultimate zero-emission fuel for Internal Combustion Engines,. The XtraEPL FUEL-CELL is an electrically efficient way to induce real time Hydrogen Ions using catalyst containing alkaline compound. XtraEPL FUEL-CELL generators achieve extreme purity and composition certainty with minimal maintenance. XtraEPL FUEL-CELL benefits Diesel users by improving all that is fundamentally inefficient about fossil fuel. Our technology is Energy On Demand, there is no storage required for our technology. Our technology uses our LAVOISIER brand Deionized Alkaline Solution which needs to be topped up every 40 hours of running.

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